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Patient Portal

Patient Portal

List of the patients, who were operated through Spine Research Foundation, along with their surgery date/s and contact number/s are listed here.

Patient Data

Sl No. Name Type of Surgery Date of Surgery Amount paid by SRF
1 Manojit Das Posterior scoliosis correction done with pedicle screw-rod system from T4 to L3 14-03-2022 250377
2 Sulagna Pyne D12,L1,L3, L4 pedicle screw fixation ; L2 Pedicle substraction osteotomy also done 21-02-2022 135868
3 Inna Queser Posterior scoliosis correction done with pedicle screw rod system 31-01-2022 218754
4 Sanju Mondal D11, D12, L1 pedicle screw fixation 07-01-2022 165999
5 Arun Ghosh L4 L5 pedicle screw?rod fixation 02-01-2022 61801